Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beautiful Origami Dress Cards

I have two lovely sisters-in-law who both have birthdays coming up soon and I wanted to make them some special girly birthday cards - I love making (and receiving!!) homemade cards, its so nice that someone has gone to the effort to make something special just for me!!

So I came across this really cute idea at A Spoonful of Sugar blog - I had a go myself and here are the results.........

I used white cardstock for the actual card (I love cardstock - it gives a nice textured look and a bit of dimension to projects) and hand wrote the 'happy birthday'.  I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out although I would have loved to put some little clothes pegs on them like the ones in A Spoonful of Sugar blog - will keep an eye out for some for future cards.

The little dresses are so cute and pretty easy to make so have a go - you won't be disappointed!!

Hopefully the recipients will love them as much as I do!!!

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