All About Me

Here is a little bit about me....... (okay this may be a work in progress as 26 things to tell about me is a lot!)

A - my name is Amy, short and sweet - much like me!
B - Little B is my son - he is cute as a button and makes me smile everyday.
C - Hubby C is my long suffering hubby who loves me no matter what - I'm a lucky girl.
D - Dessert is my favourite part of any meal.  End of story!
E - Exercise is my least favourite activity but a necessary evil due to 'D' above!
G -
K - Knitting is my latest hobby - I love the beauty of a handknit gift.
L - The Lighthouse Church is our church family home, friendly people who are committed Christians - check them out at
N - New Zealand is the beautiful country in which I live, I feel incredibly blessed to live here, if you ever get the chance to visit NZ - take it!!
P - Parents - I love mine to bits, amazing role models and such a great influence in my life - I am grateful for them every day.
Q - Quilting is a relatively new hobby of mine but love the satisfaction of a finished homemade quilt!
R - Rainy days are a fav for me, gives me every excuse to hide away inside doing stuff I love!
S - Siblings - yup, I have five of them - three brothers and two sisters, not to mention all their other halves and offspring - lets just say that family gatherings are very very loud!!
T -
V -
W - Whitianga is my favourite place to holiday over the summer - golden sand, crystal clear water and long lazy hot days - bliss....
Y -
Z -

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