Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mini Milo Madness

Recently I have picked up the knitting needles again (after a very long period of no knitting whatsoever  - I didn't have much patience for it when I was a kid!!) and I have found the cutest pattern on the planet!!!

Its called Milo by Georgie Hallam - you can find the pattern here on Ravelry.  Ravelry is a fantastic site for knitters and crocheters - it has heaps of advice, groups, patterns (lots for free too!!) and well worth a look at!

Heres my finished project.......

This pattern was really easy to knit and has quite a few different options for the cable part - and seeing as this was my first time doing a cable I think it turned out pretty good!!! (as you can probably tell, I'm pretty proud of myself!!!)

I think this would look gorgeous over a purple top and leggings on a sweet wee girl - just need to find one to give it too now!!!

The options for this pattern are endless and I am currently knitting another one with the same variegated wool on the bodice and plain purple on the body with a different cable too....its looking great so far!

So if you haven't picked up your needles for a while, check out this pattern asap and get knitting!! I'm telling ya......there is so much satisfaction in creating a handmade piece of clothing to give as a special gift!!

I can hear the needles clicking already........

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