Thursday, July 5, 2012

Clearing my the rain

Here is my little thing for today.........

Yup, running shoes and an iPod Shuffle.......

.......after a veeeerrrrry long day (and night) with Little B, (who decided that it was a day for crying and a night for not sleeping) Hubby C arrived home from work and I managed to race out for a quick walk to clear my head.... was only 15mins and it was pouring with rain (yup there was water running down my face and dripping off the end of my nose (not the most attractive look in the world but oh well!!)), but it was so worth it just to clear my head after a long day of being stuck inside comforting a crying baby.......

Its amazing how just 15 mins in the rain made everything better!!!

So today I am grateful for my comfy running shoes, some loud music on my iPod, Hubby C for looking after Little B and the rain washing the world clean for a new day tomorrow!!!

Bring on tomorrow!!!!

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