Saturday, July 7, 2012

Puddle Jumping!!

Today was frustrating........... Little B wouldn't sleep even though he desperately needed it, Hubby C was at work so was no help (apart from the fact he was earning money!!!) but I was determined to find a little thing to smile about......

so after a shopping trip, a  yummy lunch, two attempts at a sleep and a long walk with Little B in the pram still trying to get him to sleep, we finally ended up outside............

On went the overalls and the gumboots and straight into the puddles to carry out the childhood ritual of puddle jumping.......actually it was more puddle splashing coz Little B can't actually jump yet (however its very cute watching him try!!)......finally he was happy so I didn't care how wet or muddy he got!!

He was happy, I was happy and we were both smiling!!! Yay!!!

and then I realised that the simple joy of Puddle Jumping was my little thing for today!  Its makes me smile when I think that even though toys have evolved so much since I was a kid, you still can't beat the simple joy of puddle jumping!

So get out there and jump in a puddle, put a smile on your face and feel like a kid again!!!

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