Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A - Z Date Nites

Its so important in this day and age where life is so busy busy busy, to take the time out and go on a date night with your other half, be it once a week, once a month, once every 6 weeks, its really important to have that 'time out' from the rush of life and reconnect.

It shows your kids that 'mum and dads relationship' is important and it also shows each other that you are both important enough to take time out, turn off your phones and spend some quality time together!!

But coming up with ideas isn't always easy, and we usually tend to fall back into the 'junk food and a movie at home' date (which of course there is nothing wrong with but it can get a bit mundane!!).

So.......the plan is to have a themed date night each time (we don't do it once a month or 6 weeks etc, we just do it when we can fit it in - shift work is a pain!!) and each theme will be around a letter of the alphabet - so date 1 will be all about the letter A, date 2 about the letter B etc.

Hopefully this will help us think outside the box and be a bit of challenge (I'm not looking forward to coming up with ideas for Q and X!!) so I guess I'd better start thinking about the letter A to get us started.......

  • Apples (hmmmm I'm thinking apple pie)
  • Abseiling (not likely as Hubby C doesn't like heights!!)
  • Archery (doubt it...i'm not that co-ordinated!)

I think I'd better keep thinking.........  

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